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Beaver Lake - Бобровое озеро (Арканзас, США)

Beaver Lake, the newest of the "Great Lakes of the White River, " covers some 70 miles through the beautiful Ozark mountains, with 449 miles of shoreline. It is only minutes away from the University of Arkansas, War Eagle Mill, Prairie Creek Golf Course, and Pea Ridge National Military Parks. Beaver Lake was formed by a dam across the White River in 1960. Beaver Dam is located nine miles northwest of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In April of 1963 construction of the powerhouse and switch yard began. In May of 1965 commercial generation began. The dam p roject was completed in June 1966, with an estimated cost of $46,200,000.00. Beaver Lake is one of four multiple-purpose projects constructed in the upper White River Basin for the control of floods and the generation of hydroelectric power. The project also offers excellent recreational opportunities for people of all ages. Beaver Lake consumes 28,220 acres and has an average depth of 60 feet, and has a maximum depth of 204 feet which is near the dam. An immure of the White River; major sources of water include Indian, North Clifty, Clifty, Prairie and War Eagle Creeks. Water flows through the dam and feeds Table Rock Lake. The dam maintains an average elevation of 1,120 feet above the mean sea level. Fluctuations can be expected and usually range from three feet below to five feet above the 1,120 mark. The water is very clear and attracts divers from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri and many other states as well. Foundations of buildings and old roads can be found and the village of Monte Ne was inundated and some of the buildings are visible above and below the surface.

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